Craigslist Springfield Mo

Craigslist Springfield Mo: “I have a machine running time (I know it sounds unbelievable, but I assure you it works) I need a second person to work with me.
I need someone who is adventurous and reliable. Preferably a male or a female who can do heavy lifting.
I leave January 20, 2011, morning and plan to return February 3, 2011. I’m going in June 1983 to handle some business.
If you’re serious about travel in time and are reliable, then please contact me. You do not have to pay anything, but you must provide someone to watch my cat for the moment we left. The qualifications are necessary as you are reliable and that circumferance your head does not exceed 64cm.

We will be departing from Springfield, Missouri Let me know if you want to come with me. ”

I know it sounds crazy, but if someone had made this offer me over the first weeks at home with our first baby, maybe I jumped at the chance. (Assuming, of course, I could take care of this cat first.) Even if I thought I was ready, I was so unprepared for the magnitude of change from day to day in our lives. I was not prepared for the feelings of loneliness and isolation and frustration and exhaustion. After all, I was loving every minute of being a new mom. We were renting a house that overlooks the house we lived before we had children (that we had to leave the reason it was not appropriate for babies or children). And I’ll never forget on a day particularly overwhelming day on the balcony of the house, holding my newborn in my arms, looking at another house and wish I could magically transport myself in time when we lived there during these days without children. I miss our old life. I missed the spontaneity and pleasure, and freedom. I miss my independence. I missed the book reading. I missed sleeping. I missed coming and going with my arms free. I failed to use the bathroom when I needed it.

If I had the advantage of this machine from time to time, I could have just jumped on, zipped right through 2011, and understood what a short blip those early days of the newborn are and it would not always this way. Instead, I stood on the balcony and cried, my hot salty tears plopping down on my face of the newborn.

If I had a time machine back then, I might have finally realized that these poor, fragile newborns overall change in children who are fun and funny and dynamic. Who ends up sleeping. Which are ultimately layers. That fill your life with more joy and laughter and accomplishment as any kid in your day without ever done. So, yes! Sign me. Because then I realized how much I love being a mom now. I understood that I would even be willing to have another baby. And another!

Yet … there are days … when I’m happy to sneak into the time machine for a little quick getaway to 1999. Or, perhaps a short-time mom in the future, just to remind myself that this too shall pass. And that – even if it can be a total cliche – time is, indeed, Vol.

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